St Georges Day Parade

Location: Charles Wilson Sports Hall, Charles Wilson Building, University of Leicester

Time:  Sunday 22nd April 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm

All groups to meet before the parade at 1.30 pm at the grass area between Victoria Park Car Park (Granville Road) and the War Memorial.  There will be a sign for each District to go and form up as directed.

Parade Route: Along side of Victoria Park towards DeMontfort Hall.

Attire: Uniform is expected to be worn as per your group’s requirements.

Black shoes should be worn (trainers to be avoided wherever possible, but black to be worn if necessary)

Collection: There will be a collection on the day for: Toys on the Table

We will have a table available on arrival for anyone who would like to donate a brand new toy to this fantastic charity, otherwise there will be a collection during the Scouts Own.